Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

A Good News Story: Semper Paratus Group Celebrates Two Year Milestone

As February arrives and most are gearing up for Valentine’s Day we are feeling the love for a very different reason. It has been two years since Semper Paratus Group (SPG) launched, pioneering the way forward with a LinkedIn Automation tool designed to completely disrupt the sales process and change the way businesses approach client acquisition. And what a two years it has been!

Throughout this period we have witnessed incredible growth not only in our company but also in those that we support, pushing the boundaries with an “always ready” automated approach has truly enabled us to thrive in perhaps one of the most challenging business environments for start-ups in recent times.

“The focus is and always has been on enabling individuals to have conversations with the people that matter – the decision-makers that have the autonomy to say yes! Today more than ever the business landscape and ability to access these people is challenging – our solution provides the essential tools and techniques needed to cut through all that noise with a targeted, personalised (and perhaps most importantly) automated approach that works. The past two years have been phenomenal not only in terms of business growth and how we have evolved but in the partnerships we have made. I am really proud to be working with some key partners that allow us to add even more value to our offering and present an end-to-end sales and marketing solution that truly works”.

Phil Herridge, CEO

As we celebrate our 2nd anniversary we take the opportunity to look back over the journey we have enjoyed during the last two years and examine how far we have come, how much we have learnt and what the future looks like for SPG.

At a glance - a timeline of events

We have enjoyed many milestones, some of which stand out more than others, from launching our offering in multiple locations across the globe to navigating the Covid-19 pandemic in only our second year in business, it stands to reason we are proud of what we have achieved and excited for the direction the business is taking.

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In their words: from our partners

During this year we have seen incredible growth within the business, here is what some of our clients, partners and of course our CEO Phil have to say about the impact of SPG.

Richard Lancaster, Managing Director of Lustalux noted that SPG offer:
“Great services, highly efficient and cost effective. Experiencing high level of good results through the facility, so more than happy. Amazing customer service, very helpful. Definitely a worthwhile tool to enhance your business potential.”
Phil Herridge, SPG’s CEO said that
One of the key things that I have learnt in running a business that punches well above its weight, is that you can’t do everything yourself. Luckily, I recognised this quite quickly when the business rapidly scaled up and I was able to automate what I couldn’t do myself and outsource everything else to strategic partners.”
There is no denying that automation is the future and those embracing it will reap the rewards. Establishing core partners is key to achieving this, as ActiveCamapigns Founder & CEO, Jason VandeBoom recognised:
“As businesses strive to deliver a fully connected customer experience, SPG and ActiveCampaign are a natural fit, as both teams focus on supporting that personalized customer experience by leveraging automation across sales, marketing, and support while freeing up people to do what they do best.”

The future is bright - the future is automated

There is certainly no slowing down for SPG, the strong vision and drive for the business that Phil possesses will undoubtedly see further great strides in the coming years. His passion for his solution is infectious and it is clear to see why when the system is demonstrated. It is genius in its simplicity but the way it joins the dots in a way that only Phil’s years of experience can influence is the true gem. His goal is clear to make sales an easier process, stripping out the noise, ensuring that approaches are targeted and result in meaningful conversations to the benefit of both parties and what is not to love about that?

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Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

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