Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

How To Automate Your Sales Process

Interested in how to automate your sales process via LinkedIn? Read our handy frequently asked questions below to discover how our LinkedIn automation software can transform your sales process.

As long as you operate in a B2B sales environment, Semper Paratus Group's sales automation is sector agnostic. There are some crossovers into B2C too.

Our sales automation is ideal for any size of business. If you’re a sole trader, the automation means that you can work on other areas of your business and if you’re a Blue Chip organisation, it allows your sales teams to focus on having more sales conversations with the right decision-makers in your target audience.​

Whilst this is a self-service solution, Semper Paratus Group do offer a ‘platform set up’ for a small fee which includes a remote training session and access to our content templates.

Alternatively, you can outsource the entire prospecting & lead generation to us and we will set up & manage the campaigns, as well as scheduling appointments in your diary.

This is more than a Linkedin Automation tool. Semper Paratus Group provide a sales process breaking the mould on the traditional way of selling. It has been created by a salesperson for salespeople & business owners, based on 30+ years of sales experience and 12+ years of leveraging 7-figure opportunities from LinkedIn. It incorporates LinkedIn best practice and emulates human behaviour, making it a world class solution.

No not at all. In addition to the plethora of training videos showing you how to get the most from out Linkedin Automation software, we also offer LinkedIn training and consultancy services.

You will need to upgrade your Linkedin subscription to this, but not using it before is a good thing as LinkedIn often provide a 30-day trial.

This really depends on how much input you take from Semper Paratus Group. If you replicate exactly what we do, you’ll start seeing activity from day one.

Due to the unique way Semper Paratus Group is set up, costs really depends on how much or how little input you want from us with prices starting at zero.

People join LinkedIn with the expectation that members will communicate and network with each other. Essentially, use of the platform is not impacted by GDPR. So, whilst your marketing communications could be severely curtailed LinkedIn activity is not affected by GDPR.

We have a knowledge base library of videos based on everything our existing clients have ever asked us, which is continually being updated. You will also have access to your account manager via email should you have any questions that aren’t covered in your training. 

No, we just offer a simple monthly subscription with no hidden costs.

Due to LinkedIn’s terms & conditions, you can only have one user per licence. Obviously you can have as many licenses as you like to increase your outreach.

Subscriptions are 30-day rolling contracts. As long as you contact us via email & phone prior to your renewal date, no further subscriptions will be taken.

Yes, subscriptions can be suspended and reactivated when your ready to start again.

We've priced our monthly subscriptions competitively and don’t offer a free trial.

The Semper Paratus Group process actually uses all three in order to deliver the best results.

We use our good friends over at Zapier to help simplify integrations with 3rd party solutions and as they have 2,000+ apps to choose from, there’s not many we can’t connect to.

Our Clients

We have provided our LinkedIn Automation Tool to a wide range of clients to help them streamline their sales process...

Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

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