Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

Sales Automation Software

Our sales automation software is designed by salespeople for sales people and will eradicate the need for cold calling and spending time chasing prospects that are not interested.

Even to the most seasoned salesperson the challenge of consistently generating high quality appointments with the right people that naturally convert into sales is exactly that – a challenge. The sales process is not something that you can dip in and out of as the opportunity takes you, at least not if you are committed to moving a business forward.  It relies on a tenacity and dedication from the business owner or members of the sales team to being “always ready”. The pressure and potential for burn out is immense and the results can sometimes be haphazard – pouring a lot into the pot for little return.

Automated Sales Process
To enable businesses to achieve their sales objectives in a
streamlined, time efficient and consistent manner.

Our Vision

It is from this premise that Semper Paratus Group was created. Taking its name from the Latin translation for ‘Always Ready’ – Semper Paratus Group wanted to provide a solution to the sales process that would improve efficiencies and maximise results. Removing the time consuming and futile tasks of cold-calling, emailing and networking by delivering salespeople the lead generation tools and techniques they have always desired which are not reliant on them constantly being on hand.  It is safe to say that the Sales Automation Software solution that emerged is unlike any other.

Meet Phil – Founder & CEO

With over 30 years experience in sales I know only too well the challenges and pitfalls that sales and marketing professionals face when trying to generate leads and keeping that sales pipeline topped up. I recognised for along time that there had to be a better solution to spending hours cold calling and networking in order to generate business. I wanted to be able to focus on quality leads. It was on this premise that Semper Paratus Group was formed.

I understood that LinkedIn as a tool was capable of much more than most people leverage from it and the Semper Paratus solution is a combination of skilled software ability with a human input – my human input. The way that our solution works and differs to others that may be available is primarily down to my understanding of the sales process, the messages that work and the touch points required that make the difference between turning a prospect off or on.”

Phil Head-shot

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Create your target audience in LinkedIn

From within your LinkedIn profile, simply create a granular list of your target audience based on their sector, location, job title, company headcount, etc.

Automate your campaign activity

It takes just a few minutes to create your campaigns within our software, you then click play and the automation begins to start leveraging high quality targeted leads directly into your diary, no more cold calling, e-shots, marketing campaigns or networking - just a ton of new prospects coming directly to you.

New prospects book a time in your diary

In addition to automating the sales process, you can also simply integrate the software into your diary and CRM. This allows prospects to schedule calls & meetings based on your availability and ensures your CRM is kept up to date.

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Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

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