Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

Our Latest Updates – A Quick Round Up


There have been lots of developments in our software from a functionality point of view recently so we have put together a quick round up to make sure you are up to date and making the most of your sales automation.


Open Profile Campaigns

This feature allows you to send hundreds of InMail’s per month to LinkedIn members with an open profile even if they are outside your LinkedIn network! (For Sales Navigator users only).

Click on Create Campaign

Select "Include Only Open Profiles"

Create your campaign and set your InMail limits.

Autopilot will now send hundreds of InMail’s every week without using any of your InMail credits. 

LinkedIn Post Likes

This new feature allows you to automatically Like a prospects most recent post and compliments some of our other features as noted below.

LinkedIn Follows

The new ‘Follow’ feature allows you to start following a prospect and compliments the existing Profile Views, Twitter Likes and the new Post Likes noted above, as this now provides four opportunities to put your name in front of the prospect prior to sending an invite and therefore increases the chances of the invite being accepted from the prospect subconsciously recognising your name.

Additional Updates

Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

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