Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

Case Study: Sentient Investments

Sentient Investments are a business services company with a focus on all things financial. They undertake a wide variety of projects ranging from car finance to football club purchases. They also offer card processing and tax rebate services amongst other things. The company discovered the Semper Paratus Group solution when Phil Herridge, CEO of SPG, reached out to them using the very LinkedIn automation system he was looking to introduce them to.

Sentient was already on the look-out for new ways to reach their prospects without having to continue to rely upon cold-calling and email shots. “We were looking to break trends within our industry, financial services can be a little archaic, and we were keen to employ more modern sales & marketing techniques to better engage with our target audience and improve productivity.” recalls Gareth Povey, MD of Sentient. “We knew that a solution must exist that would generate us better results whilst delivering maximum efficiency and when Phil approached us with the SPG automated solution it ticked all the boxes, it is low touch and easy to use with best practice ingrained at every stage”.

Part of the process within the SPG’s sales solution is to identify people who have similar characteristics to their clients, by doing so they find that they are able to attract customers that they really enjoy working with and the relationship they have with the team at Sentient is testament to this working really well. Phil comments “It is part of our ethos to ensure that we are not standing still, we strive to continually modify our approach to adapt to the changes of the global environment and allow our clients to differentiate themselves from the noise on LinkedIn. The scientific part of this process is in part down to the research that we continually conduct inhouse but can also be attributed to studies which we have carried out with Cardiff Universities Data Analytics Team to ensure that the process is both innovative, polished and industry leading.”

The automated element of the process is what initially really stood out and appealed to Sentient. They embarked upon a trial of the software solution whereby senior staff were given access and able to run campaigns, it was such a success and so well received that before long it was rolled out to the wider workforce. The assistance, training and ongoing support provided by Semper Paratus Group meant that the transition was seamless. Initially new users were set up and received remote video training in order to get them up to speed as quickly as possible however as the company became more comfortable with the system and its features they took over the setup element in house themselves, confident that the knowledge hub and SPG support is always there if required.

“Our staff love the SPG solution, it saves them so much time prospecting and allows them to focus on the part of the role that they enjoy best, having more sales conversations and generating better lifestyles for themselves from increased levels of sales commission.”

Gareth Povey – MD

As a direct result of embracing the LinkedIn automation tool, which is at the heart of the SPG solution, Sentient Investments are now able to target campaigns efficiently and effectively, while benefiting from increased productivity. Furthermore, they have achieved all this whilst actually saving money. A complete win-win result as Gareth emphasised when asked to comment on his experience:

“The service levels that we have received from SPG really has set them ahead of the competition, it isn’t simply the software it is the combination of their knowledge and expertise that truly delivers the efficient, automated results that we have experienced. So much so that we introduce the solution to every new staff member as part of our core processes and procedures, it has completely changed the way in which we operate. We don’t hesitate in recommending Semper Paratus Group, a seamless and automated solution combined with absolutely great service, Phil is a star.”

Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

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