Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

Your Guide to the Latest Updates from Autopilot

We are extremely proud of the automated solution that we provide, however, it is not simply enough for it to be among the best on the market, we are constantly striving to improve the functionality to provide our clients with the best user experience and results. Over the past few months, a lot of time and resources have been invested in creating new services that have been requested by our clients within Autopilot. We are pleased to state that these are now live – here is a quick overview of the latest updates and how they will benefit you. Either read the full article or use the quick links below to jump to the part that interests you most.

1. Improvements to the Global Blacklist

We have implemented some notable improvements to the blacklist section. You can now blacklist LinkedIn profile URL’s by copying them into the Global Blacklist section. Additionally, the user can blacklist a profile inside a campaign by pressing the action button and pressing “Blacklist Profile”.

Global Blacklist

2. Additional Information Extraction with Sales Navigator

The latest update has made it possible to automatically extract additional information from Sales Navigator, such as how many mutual connections you have, therefore personalising the mass communication even further by enhancing your outreach messages and helping you to stand out from the crowd!


Creating a new campaign based on the Sales Navigator platform will allow you to extract new information for the “Current Title” of the prospect, revealing when they started in their current position. Additionally, you can now extract the “Mutual Connections” that you share with the prospect! This will import the number of shared connections with that prospect.


All this information can be used in every type of template using the new merge fields – “Title Start Date” and “Shared Connection”. We hope you are as excited as we are over these changes!

Sales Navigator

3. Reprioritise the Order of your Campaigns & Sequential Streaming

You can now also organise your campaigns by updating the running priority to optimise your results and launch multiple campaigns at the same time that will sequentially move down the list so that there are no gaps in your campaign broadcasts.

To change the priority of a campaign over another complete the following steps:

4. Attach Marketing Collateral to InMail and Sequence Messages

We are excited to announce that ATTACHMENTS can now be used for both InMails and sequence messages! This will allow you to further enhance your messaging, helping you increase open and reply rates.

To take advantage of this exciting new feature:

Sequence Message

5. Hyperise Integration

We are excited to announce our newest integration with Hyperise, which allows you to personalise your images to your prospect!

You can create new personalised images in our Hyperise online editor dashboard, which can be then used in sequences and InMails by simply adding them using the Hyperise button inside the template section.

Hyperise Integration

6. Archive Message Option

If you want to clean up your inbox without losing your conversations, you can archive them simply by pressing the archive button found under the options menu, in each conversation. Your conversations are then moved to a separate section that can be accessed from the Inbox Settings.

We have plenty of further updates roadmapped for the future to ensure we are continuing to enhance the sales automation features available to you – keep an eye on our newsletters and blog posts to stay updated!

Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

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