Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

Latest Sales Automation Updates Have Arrived

Latest automation updates

Archive Message Option

We love this new feature – and if you like a tidy inbox like us we bet you will be making use of this. If you want to clean up your inbox without losing your conversations, you can archive them simply by pressing the archive button found under the options menu, in each conversation. Your conversations are then moved to a separate section that can be accessed from the Inbox Settings.

Organise your campaigns by updating the running priority

You can now organise your campaigns by updating the running priority, this will allow you to optimise your results. To change the priority of a campaign over another, access your Campaigns tab and in the priority column next to the number that represents the current campaign order, click and hold the drag icon to move the campaign up or down. It is that simple! After changing the priority of the campaigns, make sure to save the order of the new campaigns, by pressing the Save Priority button. It is worth noting, that this order will take effect one hour after they were saved.

Organise campaigns by priority

We hope that these updates make life a little easier in terms of scheduling, prioritising and keeping on top of things. 

Wishing you the best of luck with your December prospecting 🎅

Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

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