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Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process
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Additional Automated Add on's

It's now possible to streamline your automation process even further with the introduction of these two fantastic add ons which will take your process to the next level.

AI Video

Create great business videos in minutes. Say goodbye to actors, film crews and expensive equipment. All you need is an internet connection. Remove the language barrier and engage local markets and divisions with native video content. You can create professional AI videos from a text script in over 40 languages easily with our AI Video solution.


Create videos in just 3 steps

Select your AI presenter

Choose from our in-house video avatars or create your own avatar.

Type in your script

Just type or paste in your video script. We support 40+ languages.

Get your video

Your video will be created within minutes. Translate, download or stream it afterwards.

speech robot technology

Our award winning Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution utilises Artificial Intelligence through a highly sophisticated vocal chatbot to deliver you the power of a full telesales team without the cost, HR issues and element of human error.  It is so advanced that it can help you to:


  • Fill your diary with prospects who are interested in your products or services
  • Increase your product sales in a cost efficient and time effective manner
  • Commission market research or statistical surveys in a reliable and efficient way
  • Duplicate mass calls to a large number of customers
robot speech


Our technology can be utilised for a number of purposes including:

customer acquisition

Utilise our intelligent vocal chatbot to make initial contact with customers and establish interest providing your sales team with a much more targeted segment for follow up.

market research

Get a better understanding of your sector, utilise our vocal chatbot to conduct market research in all areas to discover crucial information in an efficient and streamlined manner that will help drive the direction of your business.


Dramatically improve your recruitment process by harnessing the power of our vocal chatbot to screen applicants quickly and effectively to ascertain the most qualified candidates for interview.

Improving employer image

With our natural speech robot, it is possible to contact all employees of even a large company and find out what kind of employer the company is considered to be.

Customer feedback

Conduct customer feedback surveys in a quick and efficient manner utilising voice technology to ascertain how satisfied your customer care and identify areas for improvement .

Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

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