Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

Coronavirus – an alternative to pulling down the shutters.

Coronavirus – Business Insight

The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy with many businesses taking preventative and costly measures or in some cases, going into administration. This article provides business leaders with an alternative to pulling down the shutters and exploring how a 21st-century approach towards selling can at least keep the customer-facing sales staff safe and productive during the crisis and beyond.

At the start of 2019, when most of us had never heard of Coronavirus, I created an automated sales process that was driven by my desire to increase productivity, reduce operational costs, reduce my carbon footprint and achieve all of this while increasing profits. What I have ended up creating is not just the utopia that all salespeople and business owners have been looking for, but the bi-product of my 21st Century sales process is a solution that means we can still attend sales meetings, without putting ourselves, colleagues or customers at risk of infection.

When I set the business up in February 2019, I had a vision of disrupting the sales sector as the sales process hasn’t changed for decades with people still doing what their predecessors taught them. Within the first 6-months of trading, we were nominated for two awards, including the Innovation in Sales Technology Award, indicating that I was definitely on track to achieve what I’d set out to do.


The hardest part of creating new opportunities, is the time wasted chasing people who aren’t a good fit for the services you offer or aren’t interested in taking a sales call. This also means that you’re not getting to the ones that are a good fit promptly and your competitors are winning these paying clients before you.

Semper Paratus Groups automated sales solution removes cold calling, sending blind email campaigns and the need for an expensive marketing machine running in the background, yet consistently generates hundreds of qualified appointments each month, all on autopilot!

Key benefits of our automated sales solution…

  • 30 years experience in sales & marketing
  • 12+ years of experience of leveraging multi-million-pound opportunities from LinkedIn
  • Automated GDPR lead generation tool that’s always on
  • Allows prospects to schedule meetings in your diary based on their availability
  • Reduces sales admin by automating CRM updates
  • Ability to leverage opportunities from your target decision making audience
  • Removes the laborious and quite frankly soul-destroying job of cold calling
  • Dramatically increases productivity
  • Integrates into the majority of cloud-based 3rd party solutions
  • Continues to work, whilst you go about your day
  • Best practice advice on how to safely sell within LinkedIn

How does this help reduce the impact of Covid-19?

I personally generate 200+ qualified appointments with C-Level contacts every single month using this same sales process; that’s 10-12 appoints per day. Even if those appointments were right next door to each other, it would be physically impossible to meet with them all face to face in one day, while also prospecting to new opportunities, closing existing deals and keeping everything moving forwards, all at the same time. With my automated 21st Century approach towards sales, this is all possible in part to as my all my appointments are held in remote meeting rooms, meaning there is: no travelling time, no travel costs and no carbon footprint. Just lots more meetings and sales closing faster than ever before AND in light of Covid-19, with all my meetings held in virtual meeting rooms, there is no risk to my clients meaning that our businesses and continue to grow or me.

In a world without borders and climate change issues, remote video meeting rooms are a must; add a pandemic into the mix, and they are a necessity!

To find out more about how Semper Paratus Group can assist your business, not just with the current issues associated with Covid-19, but a long term and future proof solution to enhancing the sales process within your organisation, then please schedule a 30-min meeting using the link below.

Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

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