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Automated Sales Process

LinkedIn’s Interesting Views Section – What It Is and How To Make the Most of It

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Your LinkedIn premium account has always allowed you to know who viewed your profile. For years, marketers have leveraged this tool to help B2B companies expand their networks. This, however, is taken to another level by LinkedIn’s interesting views feature. Using the curated list provided within the platform, you can reach out to the best people who have visited your profile.

This leads us to pose the question: What is the best way to leverage exciting views on LinkedIn to boost lead generation, and what tools do you need to do so?

We’ll walk through the entire process in this post so you can incorporate this social media marketing hack into your strategy.

What Is The Interesting Views Section on LinkedIn

You can only see the last five profile views if you have a free LinkedIn account. You can, however, see all the views on your profile from the past 90 days if you have a premium account (which is recommended for businesses). Seeing which people are interested in you and your services provides you with a goldmine of information, the ability to target actively interested parties gives you a fantastic head start in your marketing endeavours.

However, it is important to note that even with 90 days worth of data, there will be a plethora of people and profiles to look at, and not all of them will be accounts that are a good fit for you or that you want to connect to. This is where the LinkedIn Interesting Views section comes in. LinkedIn’s algorithm predicts which of your LinkedIn profile visitors will be the most interested in connecting with you.

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Where Interesting Views Is Located In Your Profile

It’s effortless to see which profiles have viewed your profile – go to the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” section on your news feed and select the “interesting views” tab in addition to “all profile views”.

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When someone views your profile on LinkedIn, you will receive a notification, usually by email or page notification. The “interesting view” will not appear in a notification; you’ll need to check your dashboard for that.

What is Interesting About LinkedIn Profile Views?

In LinkedIn’s “interesting views” category, you get ranked by the algorithm, and although there is no definitive test to determine what makes a profile interesting, the following elements are often present:

  • Common ground: Anyone with whom you are connected through a follower or a common page.
  • Seniority level: anyone in a decision making position, such as the CEO, President, or the wider Senior Management Team of the company.
  • Industry: Individuals in the same industry as your LinkedIn profile.
  • University attendance: People who attended your university.
  • Mutual connections: If you have first-level connections with the same person, they’ll probably show up in your interesting view list.


Interesting Views: What to do

Lead generation efforts can be boosted by using your interesting views. Knowing who has viewed your LinkedIn profile gives you an indication of interest in your brand and services. By limiting users to the most relevant profile views, Interesting Views takes this to the next level. You will be able to better reach out to senior management or users with whom you share a common interest.

Already connected?

A person you’re already connected with is more likely to reply because they are already familiar with your brand. Using the reason they searched your LinkedIn profile can help you with your outreach. Then they might be looking into your brand because you’ve already talked to them. It is still possible to make your outreach more personal if you don’t know why they looked at your LinkedIn profile and ask them how you can help them or their business. This outreach may be the push they need to learn more about your services.

Not already Connected?

Find out if the person is a good fit for your network by checking their LinkedIn profile. Creating a network that benefits your business is what you want. Ideally, you should only add them to your network if they are either ideal customers or potential collaborators. The likelihood of someone accepting a personalised connection request increases if they’ve already viewed your LinkedIn profile. You can then reach out to them and let them know you are aware they viewed your profile and you are here to help with whatever speciality you have.

Streamline Your Outreach With Automation

If you want to boost your lead generation, users on your LinkedIn interesting view list are a great choice. The problem is that sending individual messages will require a lot of time and effort. Why not consider creating an automated campaign to take care of your outreach efforts whilst you concentrate on other things. With the Semper Paratus Group Solution, you can create a list of contacts based on your interesting views and then set up an automated campaign. Try it for Free for 7 days! This is definitely the most innovative way to make use of the interesting view feature and use it to your advantage.

Automated Sales Process
Automated Sales Process

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